R. A. Bowen Trust

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Additional Information:

The R. A. Bowen Trust scholarship is an award for up to $2,000.00 per academic year, payable to the college or university in equal payments for the Fall and Spring semesters.

New scholarship applications must be received in full on or before June 1 prior to the academic year for which the scholarship is sought.  It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the application has been completed and returned to the Trust by the June 1 deadline.  Scholarships are awarded for a period of one academic year.  If a student is awarded the scholarship at the beginning of their freshman year, they may receive the scholarship for a maximum of four years.  Likewise, a sophomore is potentially allowed three years of scholarships, a junior two years and a senior one year.  Generally, the scholarship is renewed unless terminated as noted elsewhere.  Once you are awarded the scholarship, it is unnecessary to reapply each year.  However, at the end of each semester the student is required to send us a copy of their grades, a letter reporting their use of the scholarship and a request for the continuance of the scholarship for the next semester.  This information must be received by us on or before December 27th after the Fall Semester and on or before June 7th after the Spring Semester

If for some reason the student is unable to provide this information to us by these dates, then the student may submit a letter requesting an extension of the deadline and this request will be considered as long as it is received on or before the deadline date.  Failure to send this information to us by these deadline dates will result in the termination of the scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded for the purpose of attending a specific institution and may not be transferred to any other institution except by prior authorization of the scholarship Trustees.  Funds awarded to students are sent directly to the approved college or university.

The scholarship awarded to a student will be revoked and discontinued if the student at the end of each semester does not send us a copy of their grades and a letter requesting a continuance of the scholarship;  is not enrolled as a full time student;  is placed on probation or suspension by the institution;  or the financial circumstances of the student no longer require funds from The R. A. Bowen Trust.  Additionally, a student receiving a "D" in any class is placed on probation.  A second "D" (or 2 D's in one grading period) or an "F" at any time terminates the scholarship.

Fully completed applications must be received on or before May 1, 2019.

Scholarships will be announced at this web site on or about June 10, 2019.

New scholarship recipients will receive a letter along with other pertinent information.  

Notifications are not sent to applicants

who do not receive the scholarship.